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5 Most Popular Ute Toolboxes in Adelaide (2024)

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When it comes to ute toolboxes in Adelaide, Toolbox and Towing Warehouse are the experts! We stock a large range and can deliver the best Adelaide ute toolboxes to suit your needs and budget. Here are our 5 most popular ute toolboxes in Adelaide.

1. Alloy Adelaide Ute Toolbox with Drawers

Aluminium Toolbox 1450 x 550 x 850 mm

Toolbox 28 is one of our most popular ute toolboxes in Adelaide. Sized at 1450 x 550 x 850 mm checker plate with 4 internal drawers this ute toolbox is perfect for keeping your tools and parts organised.

2. Aluminium Ute Toolbox in Adelaide with Adjustable Shelf

Toolbox 14

Adelaide tradies just love this toolbox with adjustable shelf. Sized at 1200 x 500 x 800 mm checker plate it has 1 door, side opening, full door opening and adjustable shelf. Ideal for storage on utes, trucks and trailers.

3. Small Toolbox for Utes in Adelaide

Toolbox 26

If your Adelaide ute storage needs are small, then Toolbox 26 could be perfect for you! One door, top opening, sized at 580W x 250D x 400H mm this little beauty is perfect for commercial use, caravan and camping, or home and garden storage.

4. Underbody Ute Toolbox in Adelaide

Underbody Toolbox

Underbody ute toolboxes are one of our most popular products. Maximise the storage capacity of your vehicle with one of these beauties.

5. Ute Drawers in Adelaide

Underbody Trundle Drawer

We just love ute drawers. Toolbox and Towing Warehouse can advise you on how to maximise the storage capacity of your ute. Stocking canopies, toolboxes, drawers and more we’ll help you find the best Adelaide ute storage solution so suit your budget and needs.

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